How To Look After a Fresh Tattoo – Tattoo Aftercare in 10 Steps VIDEO

How To Look After a Fresh Tattoo

Find out how to look after your new tattoo to avoid complications.

Watch our video and learn how to get through tattoo healing process easily.


  1. Always wash hands before touching your tattoo, so that you do not transmit bacterias from your hands into the wound. 
  2. Remove that protective wrapping your tattooer secured your tattoo with.
  3. Rinse tattoo with warm water and apply a small amount of tattoo cleansing gel. It is important to use ph neutral gels that don’t contain any ingredients like alcohol or perfume that could further irritate already suffering skin.
  4. Massage the tattooed area making sure you remove all the residue of ink, blood and lymphatic liquid. We know this may hurt a little but it is an essential step. If you managed pain caused by the tattooing, you will be ok with a little bit of pain during the proper cleaning procedure.
  5. Rinse your tattoo with warm water.
  6. Dab dry it with a paper towel. Regular towels are reused and may carry bacteria, so it is better to use disposable paper towels (kitchen towels) to dry your tattoo gently. Don’t rub it – dab dry it.
  7. Let your tattoo air dry for about 5min
  8.  Apply small amount of tattoo healing cream. It is hard to tell how much exactly as it depends on the size of the tattooed area, but more cream does not mean better! If you apply too much cream, you can ‘’suffocate’’ the skin which can lead to various complications. For easier application put small amount of cream on three different fingers and apply the cream from each finger in various spots around your tattoo. Gently massage the cream in, leaving only a thin, transparent layer. Never leave a thick layer of the cream sitting on top of the skin.
  9. If possible leave your tattoo ‘’breathing’’ without applying any plastic film. Apply film only when necessary. When you need to go to work and wear clothes that may stick to your tattoo or when you know it is likely to be in contact with dust, dirt, etc. which we recommend to avoid at any cost. Specialised, wound healing plastic wraps are ok, but this is a topic for another post.
  10. Repeat the process 3-4 times a day for about two weeks.

Statistically, your tattoo should be healed and ready to show the world after about 7-10 days when using our creams or after about 2 weeks when using other brands.

All you need to do now to enjoy beautiful, vivid tattoo for years to come is daily moisturising and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. 

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