Debora Cherrys about The Quarantine and The Change in The Tattoo World

The Quarantine and The Change in The Tattoo World

Debora Cherrys – One of the first Balm Tattoo Pro Team artists.

Debora has been supporting our brand since the beginning and is also one of the tattoo artists who has a great influence on the creation of our products.

In this interview we talk with Debora about a couple of very interesting topics;

” It was very nice. Because at the beginning we were in contact with many other artists and we were able to organize a lot of solidarity events. In which we exhibited and sold original works in order to raise money for different people who were, above all, in a much less privileged situation than ours. So it has certainly been artistically very productive … ”

” it is true that it has affected us all, but in the end I think it can be done. We have to be more supportive. I think instead of focusing so much on ourselves. I consider myself very very lucky. For being able to do what I like, to be able to live on it and you can live with more or a little less. Right now things are difficult for everything in general. So I think we have to be more supportive and help others instead of worrying so much about ourselves … ”

” I love being surrounded by artists because that’s what it does, it’s like they transmit energy to me and give me strength and desire to … continue working, create new ideas … ”

  Enjoy the video!

You can find Debora in the X Madrid shopping center in her own store La Mujer Barbuda

Here are some of Debora’s favourite products:

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