Debora Cherrys about our NEW Dragon’s Blood Butter Formula [VIDEO]

Debora Cherrys Balm Tattoo Pro Team Artist explains our new Dragon’s Blood Butter Formula with natural pain reliever.

What do you use during the tattooing session?

” When i’m tattooing I always use a special vaseline called Dragon’s Blood from Balm Tattoo.

before we had just the original formula but right now they just added a new product with CBD.

Why does NEW  Dragon’s Blood Butter come in two different colours?

” It is available in large, 250g format and comes in two different colours. One has a lower percentage of CBD (883mg) and the other one is stronger (1675mg)”

What difference does it make?

”The difference basically is that apart of vaseline being used during the tattooing process for the needle to slide better, to calm the redness of the skin. With CBD which is a natural inflammatory and calms both the tissue and the pain of a person being tattooed without it being an anaesthetic. ”


You can find Debora in Madrid in her tattoo shop La Mujer Barbuda and online on her Instagram page:


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